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Transmission Repair Elkins Park PA

Elkins Park PA Transmission Repair


At Action Transmissions, we provide expert and reliable inspection, diagnoses, removal and/or repair of your transmission. We specialize in ALL transmission repair and replacements, regardless of the age, make or model of your car. Whether your car is foreign or domestic, automatic or manual, we have the expertise, experience and training to get your transmission running again at peak performance.


Be careful who you allow to touch your transmission.

Only trust the experts!


Automatic transmissions are a very complex component that not only requires technician expertise but specialized diagnostic equipment and tools to properly diagnose and repair your transmission problem.


Transmission repair Elkins Park PA is often times referred to in several different ways such as rebuilds, overhauls, reconstructions, re-manufactured, etc.

Whatever the term, our job is to get your car back on the road. Whether its replacing a solenoid or completely rebuilding a transmission, you can count on Action Transmission Repair in Elkins Park PA to get it done right the first time!


Transmission Repair in Elkins Park PA


Action Transmission Repair specializes in fixing, reconstructing, rebuilding, and ultimately repairing your broken transmission. We take pride in all of our transmission rebuilds and reassemble them with genuine OEM parts or better. With over 25 years of combined transmission repair experience; transmission rebuilding has simply become second nature to us. Action Transmission Repair in Elkins Park PA can easily handle even the most intricate transmissions from any car or truck.


Don't take your car to just any shop in Elkins Park PA for transmission repair.

Bring it to the experts at Action Transmissions.

Who else is more qualified to fix your transmission than a reliable company

with over 25 years of professional experience in the field?


Why our Transmission Repair in Elkins Park PA

At Action Transmissions we are a family owned and operated mechanical transmission repair business who offers you the ultra fast service and outstanding customer service that you deserve. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your vehicle is only being worked on by certified mechanics who specialize in transmission repair and service. For the convenience of our customers, our repair shop offers a wide range of services. You can find a list of the services provided on the Services page. In addition to transmission repair, some of the services we offer include:

  •   FREE Towing with Major Repair
  •   Transmission rebuild
  •   Automatic and Standard Transmissions Service
  •   Two and Four Wheel Drive Vehicles Service
  •   Foreign and Domestic Vehicles Service
  •   We Even Service Rvs!
  •   Transmission Repair and Service
  •   Clutch Repair and Service
  •   Differential Services
  •   Repair or Replace Clutches, Axles, Differentials and Transfer Cases
  •   Services For All Philadelphia Neighborhoods!
  •   Over 25 Years of Expert Experience


Transmission Repair Elkins Park PA- Expert Service

When you are in need of Elkins Park PA transmission repair, why bring your car to the experts at Action Transmission Shop?  When you need transmission repairs in Elkins Park PA you need to take it to a specialist, not a general mechanic.  We have the tools and experience necessary to get the job done right!


We Have Been Helping Drivers With Their

Transmission Repair Needs in Elkins Park PA for over 25 Years!

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