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Transmission Service and Repair Philadelphia PA

Philadelphia PA Transmissions Service & Repair

Transmissions are a very complex piece of machinery that require not just expertise on the part of your technician, but also special diagnostic tools and equipment to properly diagnose, service and repair your particular transmission problem. Another reason to bring your transmission issue to the experts is because it can save you a lot of money from unnecessary work.


A mechanic without our decades of specialized experience may diagnose your vehicle's problem incorrectly and tell you that you need a new transmission, when in reality, your car only needed a simple repair, such as a fuse, a relay, a cable, or a loose electrical connection. It could even be an external sensor that needs adjusting. For more info, visit our Chestnut Hill transmission repair page.


Save yourself a lot of time, trouble and expense by getting a correct diagnoses right from the beginning, along with expert care, reasonable prices, a professional and highly trained staff, and a name you can trust. If you need a Philadelphia transmission repair shop, look no further! We look forward to adding you to our long line of happy customers!

Why Choose Action Transmissions Service & Repair Philadelphia PA

At Action Transmissions we are a family owned and operated mechanical transmission repair business who offers you the ultra fast service and outstanding customer service that you deserve. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your vehicle is only being worked on by certified mechanics who specialize in transmission repair and service. For the convenience of our customers, our repair shop offers a wide range of services. You can find a list of the services provided on the Services page. In addition to transmission repair, some of the services we offer include:


  •   FREE Towing with Major Repair
  •   Transmission rebuild
  •   Automatic and Standard Transmissions Service
  •   Two and Four Wheel Drive Vehicles Service
  •   Foreign and Domestic Vehicles Service
  •   We Even Service Rvs!
  •   Transmission Repair and Service
  •   Clutch Repair and Service
  •   Differential Services
  •   Repair or Replace Clutches, Axles, Differentials and Transfer Cases
  •   Services For All Philadelphia Neighborhoods!
  •   Over 25 Years of Expert Experience


Transmission Service & Repair Shop in Philadelphia PA


Why is scheduling a regular transmission service for preventative maintenance important?


Your transmission endures a lot of heat and friction, and over time, tiny metal shavings can pollute the transmission fluid, lodging between moving parts and causing more heat, wear and tear on the transmission.


Replacing the transmission fluid clears out debris, which helps the transmission operate more smoothly by lubricating the moving parts, reducing slippage between gears, and keeping the friction to a minimum.


Perhaps most importantly, regular transmission maintenance can provide the opportunity for our experienced certified transmission technicians to detect “early warning” against more serious part failures. This allows you to make part repairs before a major transmission failure occurs—ultimately saving you the pain and expense of a full rebuild.


Our Transmission Service & Repair Philadelphia PA consists of:
  • Road test your vehicle to check transmission operation
  • Check for any leaking seals or gaskets
  • Remove, inspect, and clean the transmission pan
  • Install new transmission fluid, filter, and pan gasket
  • Adjust linkage and bands as applicable
  • Road test your vehicle after service is completed



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